Wednesday, April 26

Sour Grapes by G. A. McKevett

Review by Dawn Dowdle 

Savannah Reid isn't your normal PI.  She is a full-figured PI who loves to cook for her friends, family, and co-workers.   

She's asked to do security for the Miss Gold Coast Beauty Pageant.  She figures this will be easy money.  What could happen at a beauty pageant? 

Then she finds out her little sister Atlanta arrives to be in the pageant.  Besides the headaches of her sister being in town, Savannah figures it will be an easy weekend. 

That is until Atlanta's roommate goes missing.  Savannah has to put aside her frustrations with Barbie Matthews to help find her.  Savannah calls in her reserves to help in the search. 

Unfortunately they don't find her alive.  What's worse is they determine it was murder.  Savannah is upset this happened on her watch.  She is determined to find the murderer and keep the rest of the girls, Atlanta included, safe from harm. 

In the meantime, she is becoming alarmed with Atlanta's concern for her weight.  Could this beauty pageant be too much for her?  Is there a deeper problem? 

Savannah is trying to deal with this while still pursuing the killer.  And most importantly, she is trying to keep everyone, herself included, safe from the killer. 

I really like Savannah.  She is so down to earth.  Her friends are great.  They all work well together.   I especially like her interactions with Dirk.  I keep hoping something will develop between them. 

The California setting always lends itself to the story.  Savannah's many sisters and Granny visiting or causing some ruckus adds to the story lines.  Plus when you add in Tammy, Dirk, John, and Ryan, you always have an interesting story. 

I highly recommend this book and series.


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