Wednesday, April 26

To Collar a Killer by Lee Charles Kelley

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Jack Field does not believe in training dogs the same way as other trainers.  And because of that, he seems to get hard to handle dogs eating out of his hand with what appears to be not much work.  He's now showing his training techniques on the TV. 

When Jack discovers a murdered man on his fiancee's aunt's island, he finds himself the prime suspect for the murder.  His buddy comes down to help him out since his lawyer is in the hospital with another bout of her cancer.   

The evidence points to Jack at first, but his fiancĂ©e Dr. Jamie Cutter, assistant state medical examiner, starts getting to the bottom of the evidence. 

In the meantime, Jack and Kelso, his buddy and new lawyer, do some investigating of their own.  They find a possible art forgery scheme, and Maori hit men from San Diego.  Plus, the man that was murdered was the helicopter pilot of a billionaire inventor from another private island off the coast of Maine. 

Can Jack and Kelso, with the help of Jamie, get to the bottom of things without Jack ending up in jail or any of them ending up dead? 

I love the way these books are written.  They are so much fun.  I wish Jack Field would come and train my dog.  He has such a wonderful way with them.  But he's also a great investigator, and Jack and Jamie have a terrific relationship, too.   I especially appreciate that the sex doesn't have to be spelled out! 

Kelso is a fun new character.  I hope he'll be back in future books. 

I highly recommend this book and the whole series.


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