Friday, May 5

Better Read than Dead by Victoria Laurie

Review by Andrea Maloney

Abby Cooper is back in the next installment of the Psychic Eye Mysteries.  Her new boyfriend, FBI agent Dutch Rivers is due back and Abby is ready to finally spend some time getting to know him while settling into her newly renovated house.  But that doesn't come to pass as a friend calls her and asks her to read tarot cards at a, her boyfriend is sent off on an assignment with his sexy new partner and the police need her help to solve the case of a serial rapist who has been attacking local women. She finds some very suspicious characters at the wedding and soon realizes she is in over her head and soon she is in trouble with the Mob, the police and her FBI agent boyfriend. 

I really enjoy the Abby Cooper books.  I find them fun and entertaining with a likeable cast of characters and fast paced plots. I just wish the characters would stop "smirking" so much as I'm finding it rather distracting and Abby needs to look before she leaps. She's psychic and yet she keeps putting herself into dangerous situations even when she knows trouble is brewing. But terrific writing, a delightful plot and a great cast of characters more than make up for these small flaws.


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