Tuesday, May 16

Consigned to Death by Jane K. Cleland

Review by Andrea Maloney

Josie Prescott has left New York behind to start a new life in New Hampshire.  Everyone thought she was crazy to leave behind her big New York auction house job and her steady boyfriend for a new start in New Hampshire. Things are now beginning to look up for Josie as she has her very own antiques auction business up and running and it's beginning to be a successful venture.  She then meets up with the eligible and handsome local police chief unfortunately he pegs her as the prime suspect in the murder of a local resident. Things go from bad to worse when a painting belonging to the victim turns up at Josie's business. Suddenly, Josie finds herself trying to identify a killer who has set their sites on Josie with the intention of trapping her in a web of death and deceit. With everything to lose Josie sets out to prove her innocence.

A delightful addition to the mystery genre with an engaging new heroine. Josie Prescott is a fiercely determined heroine with an appealing personality full of purpose and life. Cleland presents to us the cutthroat world of antiques and auctions. Loaded with insider details of the auction world, Consigned to Death, is a beautifully written mystery, with a deft plot and loveable and detailed characters that pull you into the story and will keep you up into the night until you get to the satisfying finale. I for one am greatly looking forward to another mystery with the charming Josie Prescott.


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