Wednesday, May 3

Feint of Art by Hailey Lind

Review by Andrea Maloney

At a young age Annie Kincaid was a brilliant painter.  At the age of seventeen she became a crook because her brilliance at painting led to forgery. Now she is putting her talent to use, honestly,  as a faux finisher in San Francisco.  She's put her past behind her and has finally started to make a name for herself in her new business.  But sometimes the past just won't stay in the past.  Her ex-boyfriend, Ernst Pettigrew,  asks her to authenticate a Caravaggio painting for him at the Brock Museum where he works.  Unfortunately the painting is a fake and the same night Annie makes this revelation a janitor at the museum is murdered and Ernst disappears. On top of all this a well known art dealer has disappeared with a fortune in old master drawings, her new landlord is doubling her rent and a charming art thief keeps leaving her in the lurch. She soon finds herself up to her eyeballs in forgeries, fakes and trouble is knocking at her door.

Hailey Lind has written a fun and fast moving mystery novel that is sure to delight mystery readers everywhere especially art fans. Feint of Art is loaded with interesting information about the art world and the shadowy world of art forgers and forgeries.  Her characters are full of life and rich in details. Annie Kincaid is an amusing and fascinating woman who is flawed but not too much. And the plot is intriguing and will keep you ensnared until the end. Readers will be left wanting to hear more about Annie Kincaid and her far from quiet life.


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