Monday, May 8

Poison Ivy by Misty Simon

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Ivy Morris inherits her great aunt's house and business.  She is thrilled as she was still living with her father in the room her mother decorated over a decade ago. 

She is quite surprised when she arrives at her new business.  It's not only a costume shop.  Plus the assistant doesn't seem too pleased to have her there.  Ivy's not used to being assertive and finds it difficult dealing with her.  But with the Harvest Ball looming so close, she needs the help.  So, she puts up with her planning to talk to her later. 

Ivy decides to try to solve the mystery of the missing lingerie from the side business, but is soon sidetracked when her new friend is found murdered at the ball.  Ivy had just given her a matching costume to hers right before the ball.  Who could have murdered such a nice woman? 

Ivy's new friend Bella, and Ben, a local journalist and probably the hottest single male in town, help Ivy try to uncover the killer without being the next victims.  There are some hot scenes with Ivy and Ben that almost distract them from their quest. 

I thoroughly loved this book.  I can't wait to read the next in the series.  Ivy is such a hoot!  Misty has such a wonderful way of telling a story through Ivy's eyes.  I feel as if I know her.  I found myself laughing out loud quite often while reading this book.  I also found it difficult to put down and read it in 1 day. 

I highly recommend this book.


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