Thursday, June 15

47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers by Troy Cook

Review by Andrea Maloney

Tara wasn't raised like other children.  Her life didn't involve Barbie & Ken, instead she was playing with Smith & Wesson at a young age.  Her father raised her to be a bank robber and she has become pretty good at it.  So far they have managed to stay ahead of the law using the 47 rules that her father had come up with. Now she is twenty-two and ready to move out on her own but her lunatic father is not keen on that idea and he will go to any lengths to keep her with him.

If that was the only problem in her life things might be ok but it's not. Her and daddy dearest have scored their biggest heist ever in a little town in the Southwest.  Now they find themselves being pursued by the local sheriff, deadly ex-partners and a task force of federal agents who would love nothing more than to catch Tara and her dad red handed. But as if that wasn't enough that's when Tara falls for the son of the local sheriff and things just go from bad to worse quicker than you can say stick 'em up.

Troy Cook has written a wonderful debut novel with an unusual premise. From the very first sentence the story draws you along on a wild crazy joyride thru the lives of some very quirky characters who are a delight to read about. You'll find yourself cheering for some of these shifty and shady criminal characters in spite of yourself.  For when they are good they are very good but when they are bad they are even better.

47 Rules of Highly Effective Bank Robbers is a high speed adrenaline filled crime caper novel of the 1st degree.  The writing is well done, the characters are quirky, unusual and  exceedingly delightful and the plot moves along with the speed of a freight train.  Cook has also done a resplendent job of weaving delightfully droll bits of humor throughout the story with a deft hand. A terrific debut novel from an author I know we will be hearing more from.


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