Thursday, June 1

Deadly Blessings by Julie Hyzy

Review by Andrea Maloney

Alex St. James is a news researcher for Midwest Focus Television in Chicago. She's been assigned to a once in a lifetime interview with a young Polish immigrant who is pregnant by a Catholic priest.  When the woman is found murdered Alex finds herself reassigned to a fluff piece about hair salons and the murder/Catholic Church story has been given to the station owner's nephew, a good for nothing fellow.

But anyone knowing Alex knows she doesn't give up and soon she is back investigating without authority or assistance.  Another murder occurs and some very powerful people will do anything to make sure that Alex St. James investigation never reaches the eyes and ears of the public. 

With the odds stacked against her, Alex struggles to find the truth and bring justice to a young woman whose only dream was to find a better life in America.

Julie Hyzy's first Alex St. James novel introduces a delightful investigator with intelligence and heart. Well written with a storyline that moves along quickly and a plot that has plenty of twists and turns to keep you involved from the beginning until the surprising end.

Hyzy has written a terrific mystery with appealing characters you will come to care for and want to read more about. I found myself deeply involved in this impressive mystery debut and I'm looking forward to learning more about Alex St. James' intriguing friends and eventful life.


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