Saturday, July 22

The Book of the Dead by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Review by Andrea Maloney

The Book of the Dead
is the conclusion of the trilogy by Preston & Child which started with Brimstone and continued in Dance of Death . Special Agent Pendergast is in prison for a murder he didn't commit and his brother Diogenes is planning a criminal event so extraordinary it will leave people reeling.

The New York Museum of Natural History has just received a parcel filled with brown dust.  When it is revealed that the dust is actually the remains of the priceless gem collection stolen by Diogenes in Dance of Death the museum is left in the middle of huge scandal.

Meanwhile the Count of Cahors has offered made the museum an offer they can't refuse.  He offers them ten million euros to reopen the Tomb of Senef which is an Egyptian tomb that was on display in the museum when it originally opened back in the early 1900's.  When the display of the tomb was finished it was sealed up in the basement of the museum and forgotten. Realizing this is the event they need to get them out of the pit of bad publicity the museum director decides to take the count up on his offer. Of course the Tomb of Senef comes with a curse and soon bad things are happening again in the museum.

It's up to Special Agent Pendergast and his group of friends to stop Diogenes diabolical plans, help the museum get out from under the curse of the tomb and saves thousands of people from a fate worse than death. There's just one problem Special Agent Pendergast is locked up in a maximum security prison with no way out.

Preston & Child have written another thrilling novel of epic proportions that races along at a breakneck speed ending with a final battle between brothers that only one will walk away from.

They do a brilliant job of weaving together all the storylines of the many characters while making it easy to follow the story.  Their characters at times are larger than life but that is part of their appeal to the reader. Each character has their own unique story that has been developed throughout Preston & Child's other books.

To read The Book of the Dead you will want to have read Brimstone and Dance of Death although Brimstone is not absolutely necessary to follow the storyline.


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