Thursday, August 10

For Better or Hearse by Laura Durham

Review by Dawn Dowdle 

Annabelle Archer, one of D.C.'s top wedding planners, and Chef Henri have a falling out right before a wedding reception.  Then Annabelle discovers him impaled on an ice sculpture.  Since everyone wanted revenge with the chef, Annabelle isn't the only suspect. 

Soon Annabelle's friend Georgia Rhodes and catering exec at the hotel Henri worked at is arrested for the murder.  Annabelle is certain Georgia didn't do it, so she sets out to find the real killer. 

As deaths begin to stack up in this case, the list of suspects is shrinking and Annabelle finds herself more and more in danger. 

I love this series.  Annabelle is such a fun character.  Having the setting of weddings and the frenzy associated with them really adds to the ambiance.  I love Annabelle's friend Richard and her assistant Kate. 

This series is such a fun read.  Wonderful cozies.  I highly recommend it.


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