Thursday, August 10

Getting Old is Murder by Rita Lakin

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Gladdy Gold and girls, other retirees in her Fort Lauderdale complex, are a hoot!  I really enjoyed them. 

It appears someone is killing off residents the night before their birthday, but the police believe they were all heart attacks.  Who wouldn't.  The residents were old and it looked like a heart attack.  Gladdy believes it was murder and sets out, with the help of her friends, to prove it. 

There are some truly crazy characters in their complex, and getting at the truth is not always an easy feat.  The detective isn't investigating until they can bring him some concrete evidence.  Can they, at their ages, get to the bottom of these murders?  Can they do that without putting themselves at risk?   

This is the first book in this series.  You can bet I'll be reading this series for years to come.  Gladdy is such a terrific character.  The author has created such a wealth of interesting characters, that I bet she can write many books!  I sure hope so! 

The plot is well written.  I found it difficult to figure out who the killer was and why before it was revealed.  I like that.  The sunny Florida location is great!  The author has done her research.  In my opinion, she nailed this one on the head!  I highly recommend this book!


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