Thursday, August 10

Murder by the Glass by Michele Scott

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Nikki Sands is beginning to settle in to her new job at the Malveaux Estate in Napa Valley.  Plus she has two men who appear to be interested in her, but she isn't sure. 

Her friend Isabel is catering a big wedding at a Sonoma mansion before she realized it was the wedding of her lover (she didn't know he was engaged).  The bride treats Isabel terribly.  Nikki tries to help out to run interference. 

After the ceremony, Nikki is asked to take a glass of wine up to the bride.  Unfortunately she finds her sprawled on the floor, murdered.  Even though the bride had many enemies, the police find evidence that Isabel is the killer.  Nikki knows this is impossible.  So she and Isabel's brother, one of the two men interested in her, to try to prove Isabel innocent. 

Nikki is such a fun character.  The interaction between her and the two men in her life adds a lot of mystery to the book.  There are so many wonderful characters, and the California wine country is such a fabulous backdrop for this series.  I loved this book and highly recommend it!


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