Friday, September 15

Bitter Sweets by G.A. McKevett

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Savannah Reid has finally established herself as a P.I. in San Carmelita, CA.  She gets her first case.  She is to find the long-lost sister for her brother.  Things are not what they seem, and soon Savannah finds out that she has been double-crossed and she must relocate the sister and her daughter before they are killed.   

Savannah puts all of her Moonlight Magnolia Detective Agency to work on this case.  Dirk, her old partner with the police, is also working this case.  Unfortunately Savannah did not leave the force with the brass liking her.  She is hauled in for questioning and becomes the prime suspect in this case. 

Savannah and her team uncover plenty of suspects.  Can she determine who the real killer in time before he/she kills again?  And can she do that without putting herself in harm's way? 

I love Savannah.  She is such a likeable character.  She is a sexy, southern, black belt woman who isn't a small petite thing.  She likes to cook and eat.  Her granny is very important to her.  Even though she often gets on Dirk, she cares about him, too.  John and Ryan are great peripheral characters as well.  I love Tammy.  Savannah has put together a great staff for her agency.  Working with Dirk in the police department gives her the ability to do things others might not be able to accomplish. 

I highly recommend this book and the whole series. 


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