Tuesday, September 26

Dead Center by David Rosenfelt

Review by Theodore Feit

Laurie Collins is now ensconced in her native Findlay, Wisconsin, as acting police chief.  Andy Carpenter is still moping in Paterson, New Jersey, when he gets a phone call from Laurie.  She has arrested a young man for murder—but she believes him innocent.  Reluctantly, Andy rides to the rescue.

In a change of pace, the murder trial never takes place, and we only see Andy's legal talents flourish in pre-trial efforts.  Accused of stabbing to death two co-eds, one his ex-girlfriend, Andy's client is released when the current boyfriend appears to have hung himself leaving behind a suicide note confessing to the murders.  End of story?  Not quite.  Return to Paterson, not quite.

Unlike the previous four novels in the series, Andy now gets to play detective to learn the truth, instead of lawyering.  Plotting an writing are of the usual high standards, the quips regular and amusing, and the book is the accustomed excellent read.


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