Thursday, September 14

Dead Wrong by J.A. Jance

Review by Dawn Dowdle

I devoured this book in two days!  I loved it! 

Joanna is 8 ½ months pregnant and finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation that takes many twists and turns.  Bradley Evans, an ex-con convicted for murdering his wife and baby, is found murdered.  Even though he confessed years ago, the bodies were never found of his wife and newborn child.   

As Joanna and her investigators follow the evidence, they find it linked to a prominent Arizona judge.  Plus Joanna discovers that her father was involved in arresting Bradley for his wife and child's murders so many years ago. 

Joanna has recently been re-elected sheriff, and she realizes this is no longer just a job.  She can't see herself doing anything else. 

Butch is off to a writer's convention promoting his upcoming book.  Joanna and Jenny are trying to hold down the fort, but Joanna is putting in some late nights on this case.  Frank, her fight hand man in the department, wonders if Joanna will be able to let go long enough for her maternity leave. 

Plus one of Joanna's animal control officers is beaten and left for dead.  Already stretched thin, her office has to add another investigation into the mix. 

I love how J. A. Jance intertwines multiple investigations.  It flows wonderfully.  The many police officers and investigators are crafted so well that I often forget I'm just reading a story.  I find myself pulled into the story.  So much so that I just can't put it down! 

I wish J. A. Jance could write them as fast as I can read them!  I highly recommend this book, this whole series, and all of J. A. Jance's mysteries.  Keep them coming!


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