Sunday, September 3

Dying Light by Stuart MacBride

Review by Andrea Maloney

Detective Sergeant Logan MacRae finds himself moved into D.I. Steel's "Screw Up Squad" after the raid he lead into a warehouse rumored to be full of stolen property ends up with no arrests, no stolen property and one officer critically injured.  D.I. Steel's team is made up of the most inexperienced and/or worthless members of the homicide department.  

Logan is desperate to show that he doesn't belong on this team and he will do anything to make sure he isn't there very long including working long hours on two brutal cases. One the police are desperate to solve is the high priority case of the murder by arson of six people including a baby.  The second case is not high priority compared to the fire but still needs a resolution and that is the beating death of a prostitute down at the docks.  Soon though the second case becomes a much higher priority when a second prostitute is found brutally beaten to death.

Both cases seem simple on the surface. Yet the more MacRae investigates the more he finds that everything isn't as simple as it seems.

Throughout all this MacRae finds himself at odds with everyone he knows including D.I. Steel, D.I. Inch, his girlfriend Jackie Watson and his friend Colin Miller. Trying to juggle his personal life while dealing with murder and mayhem at work is a daunting task one which MacRae isn't sure he is up for. Despite the overwhelming odds he is determined to get to the bottom of these brutal murders and also get himself out of the "Screw Up Squad"

Stuart MacBride has written another thrilling entry in his DS Logan MacRae series. Darkly brilliant, Dying Light, pulls you in from the very first page and you'll find you won't be able to put it down until the taut and gripping ending. Don't start this late at night unless you are prepared to not get any sleep.

MacBride's dark sense of humor adds fire to the crackling dialogue, brilliant descriptive detail pulls you deeply into the city of Aberdeen and a storyline full of unexpected twists will leave you chilled and thrilled to the bone.  A compelling read that will leave you looking forward with great anticipation to MacBride's next entry in this outstanding series.


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