Wednesday, September 13

The Hayloft by Alan Cook

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Gary Blanchard has been kicked out of school after the first two weeks of his senior year.  His parents send him to live with his aunt and uncle and attend their local high school.  This is the school where his cousin Ralph mysteriously died six months before.  It was labeled an accident, but as Gary gets to know the students and discusses it, he begins to wonder. 

Could Ralph have found the diamond necklace his new cousin Ed has been talking about?  Ed and his family have come from England recently.  The necklace was supposedly stolen from Dutch royalty by an ancestor and then lost for many generations.  Gary had never heard of the necklace before. 

Gary is able to assist Sylvia and Natalie and thus meets many students and gets a lot of information.  But could his association with Sylvia cause problems and get him kicked out of yet another school? 

This is a great novel set in the 1950s.  The author has really captured the time period.  I liked the characters and found myself fully engrossed in the story.  There are plenty of twists and turns in the plot to keep you guessing.  I highly recommend this book.


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