Sunday, September 3

The King of Lies by John Hart

Review by Andrea Maloney

Jackson Workman Pickens, known as Work, is going about his life with little passion or hope. His business is failing, his marriage is passionless and his life in general is just unfulfilling. A little over a year ago his mother died and on the same night his father, Ezra Pickens, vanished. Ezra was a brilliant lawyer who created a legal empire that Work is now trying to carry on with but failing miserably.

Then suddenly everything changes when the murdered body of Ezra is discovered and Work finds himself to be a prime suspect along with his sister, Jean. For it turns out Work has been left a vast fortune by Ezra which the police see as a huge motive for murder.

Work's life was always overshadowed by Ezra, his domineering father, who did everything he could to keep Work under his thumb. While Work lived his life under this father's eagle eye his sister Jean's life was practically destroyed by Ezra but was it enough for her to have killed him?

Fearing the worst about Jean, Work is determined that she not spend a day in prison so he sets about his own investigation.  He finds himself at odds with the power-hungry detective investigating the murder who already has him convicted in her mind. Soon rumors start to fly and Work finds damning evidence that he is determined never comes to light.

Jean emotionally starts to crumble as the evidence against Work comes to light and he finds his own emotions bubbling up as he fights finally to get out from under Ezra's domination and become his own man.  He finds himself in a  desperate battle to save his sister, free himself from the accusations flying about him and finally win back the love of a woman he has loved for most of his life.

John Hart's The King of Lies is an amazing debut novel from an author who is one to watch. It is far more than a mystery, it's the story of one man's odyssey to find himself and the life which was taken from him at a young age. Hart's writing pulls you into this powerful story with abundant descriptive detail, crisp and powerful dialogue and characters that are rich and full of life.

It's at once a thrilling mystery and a poignant and heart wrenching story of a man who finds himself outside looking into a world he once thought was his own. As Work questions everything about himself and his life you will find yourself unable to put this novel down until you reach the emotional and electrifying ending.


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