Thursday, September 28

One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson

Review by Gloria Feit 

"A coincidence is just an explanation waiting to happen," states one of the main characters in this novel.  And that observation pretty much sums up this intriguing book, which begins when a rented Peugeot stops short to avoid hitting a pedestrian on an Edinburgh street and a blue Honda slams into its rear.  The driver of the second car jumps out with a baseball bat and bashes the head of the front driver.


In the crowd witnessing this road rage are various people who play a vital role in the story, including a writer of banal crime novels who takes it upon himself to slam the second driver with his laptop to prevent him from killing his victim, among others.  The novel slowly builds from that point with facts and stories and relationships and family histories intertwining as the tale begins to unfold in unexpected twists to a fitting conclusion.  It is a story well-told.


Highly recommended.


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