Thursday, September 14

Two Wrongs by Morgan Mandel

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Danny Callaway's sister has been killed.  He knows who did it.  He testifies and helps is sending Kevin Green to prison.  That should satisfy him, but it doesn't.  He wants to see him dead.  Since he didn't get the death penalty, Danny decides to take matters into his own hand. 

Danny puts himself into basketball and ends up making it to the pros. 

Kevin becomes a hardened criminal in prison.  He is bent on revenge. 

Danny starts losing family members.  This really takes its toll on him.  Soon Danny finds it hard to continue towards his quest.   

The choices each man makes affects the other. This was a very interesting story.  It is told from two different points of view.  The plot is well-written and provided enough twists to keep me reading.  I recommend this book.


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