Monday, October 2

Death at Victoria Dock by Kerry Greenwood

Review by Andrea Maloney

Phryne Fisher is back! One night while driving home, Phryne is shocked to find that someone is shooting at her. Not only do they shoot out her windscreen but she also finds  that a lovely young fellow with an anarchist tattoo has also been shot and dies in her arms.

Phyrne is enraged by the loss of her clothing due to the dying mans blood, the damage to her car and the horrible loss of such a young life.  Promising that she will find who is responsible and make them pay Phryne sets out to identify the young man.  Soon she finds herself deep into the worlds of bank robbery, tattoo parlors, pubs, spiritualist halls and anarchists.

Along the way she meets, Peter, a delightful wharfie she would like to get to know better. With Peter's help and the help of her friends, Phryne is able to solve shooting death of the young anarchist and prevent a horrible crime but not before she finds herself and her friends in deep and terrible danger.

Kerry Greenwood has written another fine addition to the Phryne Fisher series. Phryne is a uniquely independent woman with a good sense of her own self worth. She loves all the finer things in life, dresses fashionably, eats the best food and loves the best men. She doesn't apologize for this nor should she for this is what makes Phryne the delightfully unique woman that she is . Her adventures are to be savored with their madcap sense of fun. While being a delight to read Greenwood manages to weave highly charged topics (incest) into the story and gives you a good sense of the history of the day.  I look forward to the next installment in this delightful series.


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