Friday, October 6

Death at Victoria Dock by Kerry Greenwood

Review by Theodore Feit


 Well it took 14 years for this novel to reach these shores, but at least it is well worth it.  The mystery, another in the Phryne Fisher series which PPP thankfully continues to publish,  starts off with a bang.  Phryne is driving by Victoria Dock, returning home from dinner, when gunshots blast out her windshield.  Then she sees two men running away and they fire shots at her.   Nearby the dock, a young man lies in a pool of blood, dying. 


Since she doesn't like to be shot at or see the loss of life in an attractive young man, much less find her clothes ruined, Phryne determines to find the killers and make them pay.   Meanwhile, she is retained to find a rich man's daughter who has run away.  Thrown into the mix are anarchists, a bank robbery, the kidnapping of her maid-companion. and even a séance to reveal a clue.


The accustomed cast of characters—Dot, Bert, Cec and the Butlers—are supplemented by some new ones, including a police constable who appears to becoming a permanent boyfriend for Dot.  Phryne's free spirit is given full range once again with the introduction of Peter Smith, a widely traveled revolutionary who assists Phryne in unraveling the mystery.  It's all good fun and a welcome addition to the expanding availability of the previous novels in the series.


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