Sunday, October 22

Motor Mouth by Janet Evanovich

Review by Theodore Feit


Alexandra Barnaby and Sam Hooker return in this sequel novel and once again find themselves in all kinds of trouble, which stems from Sam's placing second in a NASCAR race at Homestead Miami Speedway.  From her eye-in-the-sky spot as his spotter advising the driver, she sees some strange things going on in the infield and suspects hanky panky.


After the race, in an effort to find out what has transpired, they steal a hauler, and strip down the winning car, discovering two computer chips suspected of governing traction control—which is illegal---as well as the dead body of the owner of the racing stable.  In an effort to leave without detection, they leave Sam's St. Bernard in the hauler by mistake and it is later kidnapped by the bad guys and held hostage for return of the chips—as later is Sam.


 The story progresses from that point, with the attempt to rescue the dog, but becoming more complicated with stolen technology, shady dealings, more murders and hiding dead bodies.  Meanwhile, of course, there is also the side issue of Sam trying to get into Barney's pants despite all the dangers, including the police who are looking for them for multiple counts of grand theft and murder.


Once again, the couple provide an amusing tale, fraught with danger, and are joined  by their friends, cigar roller Rosa Florez and wholesale fruit seller Felicia Ibarra, who help bring the plot to a successful conclusion.  Amusing and fast-paced, the novel lives up to the standards of its predecessor in this series, Metro Girl.


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