Sunday, October 22

The Sorcerer's Circle by Michael Siverling

Review by Theodore Feit

As this novel begins, Jason Wilder is healing from a knife wound suffered in the course of The Sterling Inheritance, the charming initial entry into this series.  And, of course, he is banged up some more, with hurting ribs and the like, as this tale unfolds.   As he is about to leave the office one day, a mysterious visitor introduces himself, saying the police have referred him to the investigation agency headed by Jason's mother, "Queen Victoria."   He tells Jason he is going to be murdered.  Jason believes the man to be off the wall and dismisses him.


The next morning two events occur.  First, news of the man's murder, which, in fact, did take place.  And Jason is called into his mother's "throne room," to find the mayor there seeking assistance in clearing his daughter, who had been involved with the murdered man, apparently a self-styled psychic and "devil worshiper."  The murder took place during a ritual at which the mayor's daughter and others were participants.


The more Jason's investigation progresses, the more it seems as though the girl is the guilty party.  It is up to Jason to discover whether or not this is truly the case.


While this second book in the series lacks some of the cuteness of the interchange between mother and son present in the earlier novel, the book still is a first class suspense novel, well-written and -plotted to keep the reader from suspecting the outcome until it is revealed.  It will be interesting to see if the next one—if one is in the works—will recover some of the mirth and entertaining dialogue encountered in the debut effort.  Nonetheless, if it only lives up to the standard of this one, it should be rewarding enough.


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