Friday, October 6

Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille

Review by Theodore Feit


John Corey, retired NYPD detective, and his wife, FBI agent Kate Mayfield, both assigned to the Federal Anti-Terrorist Task Force at 26 Federal Plaza in NYC, who first appeared in Plum Island and The Lion's Game, reappear in this novel based on a somewhat far-fetched plot to set off suitcase-sized nuclear bombs in Los Angeles and San Francisco to precipitate Wild Fire, a secret government plan to retaliate against the setting off of mass destruction weapons in the United States.  In retaliation, nuclear warheads from submarines and ICBMs are launched against targets of the perpetrators.


Originally, Corey was supposed to be assigned to conduct a surveillance at a private meeting in upstate New York, but instead a friend and co-worker is given the job.  He is intercepted at the property and murdered.  Enter John and Kate to solve the homicide, which blossoms forth into the discovery of the plot by the owner of the estate and his high-ranking government cohorts to perpetrate the bizarre plan.  The mastermind is Bain Madox, an oil company billionaire with resources and friends in high places to carry out his mission to set off a nuclear holocaust and wipe out much of the Muslim world.


John's wise mouth and Kate's cool head are matched by Madox' sharp mind and resources.  Step by step, the pair uncover evidence of the murder, and logic leads them to some kind of further intrigue at the estate, protected by a private army and filled with all kinds of electronic equipment.  In a somewhat improbable conclusion, of course, John and Kate face certain death at the hands of the villain.  Will they survive?  Will the plot be foiled, although many government officials want it to happen?  Read it and find out.  You'll be carried along to the final page to discover the conclusion.


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