Wednesday, November 22

Blinded by Darkness by Tony Burton

Review by Gloria Feit

The peaceful calm of a small Southern town and its church members is disrupted when several occurrences take place: 3 dozen parishioners are sickened after a church potluck dinner; the church itself is vandalized; one of the church members, a man who has donated property on which a badly needed new church building is to be constructed, is killed in a suspicious 'accident;' the tires of the Pastor's vehicle are slashed; and someone tries to run him and his wife off the road, and succeeds.  Although Pastor Thomas Wilson hates to suspect any of the church members of being behind these events, it is becoming obvious that that is indeed a possibility.  The church council had approved the building of the new church, but not everyone agreed that the large expenditure entailed was necessary.  And there are some wh ose interests would be better served if a proposed commercial establishment was erected on the site instead.  Pastor Thomas resolves to try to the get to the bottom of these increasingly violent incidents before they escalate further:   "Lord, give me wisdom, and help me to understand this puzzle.  I'm no detective, but if I'm to minister to my flock, I have to know who to trust and who I can't trust.  And I have to know how to minister even to those who are killers."


Blinded by Darkness is a quick, eminently readable novel, with all mysteries resolved and an ending that put a smile on my face.


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