Wednesday, November 22

By the Chimney with Care Edited by Tony Burton

Review by Theodore Feit


There are 17 short stories and one poem in this slender volume, all revolving around the Christmas season.  Some have been previously published elsewhere.  There are tales of burglars posing as Santa getting stuck in the chimney attempting to enter a home (and getting arrested), and a missing young woman discovered stuck in a chimney while trying to deliver a surprise gift to her boyfriend.


Other stories describe thefts of Christmas gifts from under trees.  And a few murders as well.  One yarn is by the editor (and publisher), a heart-felt description of a young Vietnam-era widow and her small son's stolen Xmas gifts.


In keeping with the Christmas spirit, the profits from this book will go to the Toys for Tots Foundation to brighten up some children's Holiday.  So you can read the stories and feel good for an even better reason.


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