Wednesday, November 22

Carbs & Cadavers by J. B. Stanley

Review by Dawn Dowdle 

James Henry is a former English Lit professor.  He has come back home to Quincy's Gap, Virginia, to take care of his father after his mother's death and his divorce.  His father isn't a very nice person.  James was lucky to get a job as the local librarian, and now he has no social life.  He just hides among the books at work and eats cheese puffs. 

When he hears about the supper club, he figures he can stand to lose fifty pounds and he might make some friends.  He jumps at the chance to join.  He meets Lucy Hanover who works in the sheriff's department and is attractive.  She'd like to be a deputy someday.  He also meets Lindy, Gillian, and Bennett.  They decide to call themselves the "Flab Five."  Each of them needs to lose weight, but they all seem to have dreams and aspiration.  I think that's what made me like them so much. 

James and his fellow dieters end up in the middle of a murder investigation when someone mysteriously drops dead in the Sweet Tooth Bakery.  Soon James finds himself looking forward to the next meeting of the supper club.  But can they stick to their diets and find the killer without putting themselves in danger?  And what is James' father doing in the shed all the time? 

I really enjoyed this book.  I read it in two days.  The characters are so much fun.  You might think that a mystery set around dieting would be boring.  Not in this case.  You will laugh out loud at their antics.  The supper club is such a fun idea.  I just wanted to keep reading.  Can't wait until the next one is out!  I highly recommend this book.  I hope she writes fast! 


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