Wednesday, November 22

Duty Free Murder by Lori Sandys Lapierre

Review by Dawn Dowdle 

Elsa Michaels Mercy has a best selling mystery, and she and her husband Ran decide to take a cruise to celebrate.  They want this to be a quiet second honeymoon.  They've never been on a cruise before. 

They end up paired with some very obnoxious people, and then Elsa is pursued by overzealous fans.  They don't feel they have much privacy on this cruise.  Then when there is a murder and another jewel theft, she is asked to help find the jewel thief.  This puts her in danger more than once.  

Can she discover the thief and murderer before they stop her? 

This is the first I've read by this author.  I really enjoyed this great cozy Christian mystery.  I look forward to reading many more by her.   

Elsa and Ran are such a wonderful couple and the author has done a great job in creating them.  The cruise ship was a fabulous setting for this book. I've never been on a cruise, but I felt like I had by the end of the book.  I think she did a wonderful job with the way she described it. 

I highly recommend this book.


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