Wednesday, November 22

The Nitrogen Murder by Camille Minichino

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Retired physicist Gloria Lamerino and her homicide detective fiancĂ© Matt Gennaro are in Berkley, CA, to help her friend Elaine prepare for her wedding.  Elaine's fiancĂ©, Phil, is a fellow scientist, but he rubbed Gloria wrong from the minute she met him. 

Phil's daughter's EMT work partner is shot dead by what is believed to be a mugger.  Gloria is soon suspicious because of the information Phil seems to have about the shooting and the patient his daughter was helping transport when her partner was shot. 

Gloria's suspicions of Phil soon alienate Elaine, but when Phil goes missing, everyone joins together to try to locate him.  Plus Gloria is sure that this has something to do with his work and the shooting.  Can she find him in time to save the wedding? 

I really like Gloria.  Even though she is a scientist, I don't feel these mysteries are written so that laymen can't understand even the scientific talk.  I like that.  This is a great cozy series that is such an easy read.   

This one being set in California was fun.  It was Gloria's old stomping grounds from years ago, so she knew people and places.  Made it all more believable.  I highly recommend this book and the series.


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