Wednesday, January 17

Calling the Dead by Marilyn Meredith

Review by Theodore Feit   

Deputy Tempe Crabtree is confronted by two situations, both of which, she is told by her superior, is no business of hers.  Stick to your patrolling and supervision of the volunteers, she is warned.   Nevertheless, Tempe can't ignore either.


First is the death of a young woman.  Was she pushed or did she jump to her death in a river off a bridge?  Tempe, who is part native American, solves the mystery by relying on traditional Indian methods to converse with the dead woman to learn what really happened.


The second involves one of her volunteers who also is a parishioner of Tempe's husband, Hutch.  The woman's husband dies suddenly and Hutch is suspicious, setting Tempe off on another unauthorized investigation.


This short novel speeds along to an exciting conclusion.  It is a fast read and entirely enjoyable


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