Wednesday, January 3

Cattery Row by Clea Simon

Review by Dawn Dowdle

Tough times have hit Theda Krakow, a freelance journalist. She had a blowup with Tim, an editor of The Boston Morning Mail, which means she isn't writing for them any more. Plus she's not sure about her relationship with Bill, a Boston homicide detective.

Plus her friends are having their own problems. Rose has received a blackmail phone call. She doesn't have the money they asked for. If she doesn't pay, they will kill her cats. Violet has had some sick kittens stolen from her shelter.

Theda gets hired to write a follow up about 4 women. Her friend Rose is one of those women. When Theda goes to interview her, she finds Rose murdered. She figures the blackmailer killed her. The police figure she was involved in the string of robberies of purebred cats.

To muddy the waters even more, her ex-boyfriend returns. Should Theda get back with him or work on her relationship with Bill?

Can Theda figure out who the killer is and what is really going on without using up her one life?

I really enjoy Theda. She's such a fun character. I love the Boston setting as well. I like this series with cats. The author really knows cats. That comes through in the way she has them interact with the humans. Yet, she doesn't feel a need to make them "talk."

I felt this was even better than her debut novel in this series. I can't wait for the next one to be published. I highly recommend this book.


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