Wednesday, January 17

Death of a Dreamer by M. C. Beaton

Review by Theodore Feit 

This long-standing series, set in the Scottish Highlands, finds Constable Hamish Macbeth surrounded by several females, all providing some kind of romantic interest.   Then one of the women (not romantically linked to Hamish) is found dead up in the mountains.  The official police decision is suicide.  But Hamish isn't sure, and persists.   Indeed, it turns out to be a case of murder.  Later, another woman is murdered.


With a few of his former girlfriends distracting him, Hamish fumbles around, but in the end, reaches the proper conclusion.  As in previous novels in the series, the writing and color are in keeping with the setting, and the story and characters charming.  The next in the series is to be published in February, 2007.  Look forward shortly to our reading of Death of a Maid.


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