Sunday, January 7

Death of a Maid by MC Beaton

Review by Theodore Feit

The customary elements of this long-standing wonderful series remain in place: Constable Hamish Macbeth’s romantic life remains in flux, he is content to solve crimes in the little fishing village of Lochdubh in the Scottish Highlands but give credit to anyone else because he doesn‚t want a promotion and wants to remain there with his dog and tamed wild cat.
In this case, a cleaning woman famous for gossiping and fairly poor work is discovered by Hamish outside the home of one of her clients with her head bashed in, apparently hit with her own cleaning pail.  The list of suspects includes all five of her clients because Hamish suspects that while cleaning, the woman discovered secrets and blackmailed the clients.
It is a simple tale, but Hamish‚s investigation is anything but.  As in past entries he doggedly pursues clues right up to the end.  As usual, the book is well-written, the plot well-staked out and Hamish’s love life more than complicated.  A delight to read.


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