Wednesday, January 17

Depths by Henning Mankell

Review by Theodore Feit 

Be forewarned: This is not an Inspector Wallender novel.  It is a standalone depicting a Swedish naval officer during the First World War.   He is a despicable character, and the story is one of deceit and lies, and comes to a tragic, but, perhaps, fitting end.   He is assigned to measure depths along the coast to chart new shipping paths, and while performing his task, he encounters a barren skerry [a rocky isle along a coastline] on which a woman lives.  He becomes fascinated with her and destroys his life and his wife in the process.


The writing is powerful, and Mankell delves deeply into the man's psyche   The story keeps the reader on the edge of the seat until its conclusion.  Highly recommended.    


[This book is only available in or through the UK and Canada at this time; hopefully it will be available in the US before too long.]


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