Wednesday, January 17

The Dirt Brown Derby by Ed Lynskey

Review by Theodore Feit 


Frank Johnson, a hard-boiled PI, one of a long line tracing their ancestry  back to Mickey Spillane, makes his debut in this novel, the first of what promises to be a series - the second is scheduled for 2007.  Right at the start of the story, he is confronted by violence, attacked by roughnecks in the Virginia horse breeding country, on the way to meet a client, a rich widow whose daughter died of a crushed head attributed to a fall from a horse on which she was riding.  The mother believes she was murdered.


The rest of the plot, consistent with the genre, chronicles Frank's attempts to unravel the mystery of the death, while experiencing all kinds of mishaps and mayhem.  Lots of shooting, physical violence and other diversions.


One has to like this kind of plot and character.  If in keeping with one's taste, it is amusing and interesting.  If not…


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