Tuesday, January 2

Don't Murder Your Mystery by Chris Roerden

Review by Dawn Dowdle

No mystery author should be without this book.  It is chock full of examples and information needed for writing mysteries.  Editors should use it as well. 

She touches on just about every aspect of mystery writing.  She gives lots of examples from published mystery writers and explains in layman's terms the do's and don'ts. 

This is not just another how-to book.  It is geared specifically for mysteries. You may have a great plot and great characters, but there is so much more in writing a mystery.  Many don't make it past the first few pages when being read by agents and publishers.  This book will help your manuscript shine above the others.  

I highly recommend this book to all writers and editors.  I use it in my editing and recommend it to my clients.   Dawn Dowdle, Sleuth Editing.


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