Wednesday, January 17

An Eye for Murder by Libby Fischer Hellmann

Review by Theodore Feit


One of the characters in this novel tells Ellie Foreman, the protagonist, that she has a propensity for getting involved in all kinds of weird situations.  It was true in preceding entries in this series, and even truer in this one.  It all begins when Ms. Foreman receives a letter from the landlady of a 90-year-old boarder who has just died of an apparent heart attack - or was it murder?


From such an inauspicious beginning the ramifications almost defy belief.  Ellie begins by visiting the landlady because her tenant had mentioned the Foreman name to her.   There Ellie finds three cartons of belongings, two of clothes, the third papers, plus a metal box and a photograph of a man, woman and child near a bridge and castle.  An hour later, after Ellie runs an errand for the woman, she returns to find her dead and one carton and the strongbox missing.  A series of further murders follows, presumably all related to the original.


Ellie's home is broken into and the two cartons stolen.  Her father is beaten, perhaps because he has some knowledge relating to the original victim.  The progression of violence proceeds unhampered.  It all stems from an episode during World War II and a document passed by a resistance fighter to an OSS operative.


The story flows forward, the plot is intriguing, the writing fluid.  The novel was originally published in 2002, and this reissue by Poisoned Pen Press is most welcome.


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