Wednesday, January 17

How to Marry a Ghost by Hope McIntyre

Review by Theodore Feit


Second in the series (this reviewer is reading the first at the time of this writing) featuring Lee Bartholomew, ghostwriter, this mystery  finds Lee in the Hamptons for a dual purpose.  First is a "commitment" ceremony between her mother and a wealthy man to take place on the beach.   The second is to secure the job of writing an aging rock star's autobiography.   He is a recluse, and reluctant to tell his story, and after a couple of sessions, he breaks off the venture.


The key to the would-be book is the death of a young groupie in his bed in London many years before.  The rock star was never charged, but the mystery of who murdered the girl is still the subject of rampant speculation, which has haunted him all his life.


Soon after her arrival, Lee sees a body of a woman dressed in a bridesmaid's dress drifting in from the ocean.  It turns out to be the rock star's son.  Another murder takes place shortly thereafter, and the plot doesn't unravel until Lee returns to London.  The story flows fluidly and is well-written


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