Friday, March 16

Dry Ice by Stephen White

Review by Gloria Feit


Stephen White's newest thriller is all about secrets:    "We choose secrecy at some point in our lives—presumably it makes sense to us at the time—and we protect the secrecy through the phases that follow.  Do the facts truly remain dangerous later on?  Worthy of all the subterfuge?  Or does the existence of the secrecy become the real danger requiring protection?... Secrets aren't secrets.   They're just hidden treasures, waiting to be exploited."  Alan Gregory, the Colorado psychologist, returns as the protagonist in this wonderful series.  A ghost from his past ha s come back to haunt him, a brilliant, vindictive and seriously disturbed killer who, in Privileged Information, the first book in the series, was his patient before being sentenced to an indeterminate period in a State mental hospital until such time as he is found competent to stand trial.  Now, fifteen years later, he has escaped, and Dr. Gregory's life will be profoundly affected.  A seemingly innocuous enough incident, a patient noticing a woman's purse lying outside the window of his office, triggers a series of events that will put his life, both personally and professionally, in peril.


The trademark suspense of Mr. White's books is present here along with a fascinating tale of the price we all pay for the secrets we keep from even our closest friends and loved ones, and the implicit issue of trust that is involved.  The Colorado setting and the characters, dialogue and plot keep the reader involved right through to the end of this gripping novel.


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