Friday, March 16

The Pact by Roberta Kray

Review by Theodore Feit


The Pact is a book that is very different, with plot changes and character development so unexpected that the reader needs a road map to follow the curves and developments.  It begins simply: Eve Weston's brother is in jail for a six-month sentence, but on a visit she sees he has been beaten.  In return for her promise to do whatever he asks, she makes a deal with another prisoner to protect her brother.


Meanwhile, Eve is recovering from the suicide of her father and the loss of her job because of her close relationship (purely platonic) with her married lawyer superior, misconstrued as an affair.  Then the fun begins.  Her apartment is broken into and ransacked, she is followed, her ex-husband's residence is broken into and ransacked, two men are found murdered and other odd occurrences take place.  What's going on?  Who's responsible?  What is at the heart of these misadventures?


As the plot moves forward it becomes obvious that someone believes Eve has something they want, but she doesn't know what it is. All the characters, seemingly unrelated, become intermingled and the mystery unwinds in spectacular fashion.


It is well worth reading to find out the reasons.


Roberta Kray is the widow of the late, legendary London gangster Reg Kray.  Her first book was a biography of her husband.  This is her second novel.


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