A Review by Chris High

Through The Ruins Of Midnight may very well have created a new sub-genre – True-Fiction Crime – as it relates individual tales that bypasses serial killers, bank heists and kidnappings, but crimes those that nonetheless devastate peoples lives on a daily basis; the domestics, the suicide attempts and the tragedy of loss. Colin Campbell’s second novel – but debut in the world of crime – is like a breath of fresh air. Having been a serving police officer, the author draws characters and situations so well it makes The Bill look even more pedestrian than it actually is.

Mick Habergham – Ham for short, because his colleagues think his surname sounds like “Hamburger” – likes working the nightshift. The world is generally asleep and police work is easier, especially on Sundays. Well, on any other Sunday than this one, apparently. As he contemplates the future of his marriage and of his impending retirement, Mick also confronts so many dilemmas on this patrol it is possible to believe that the night will never end.

The pace is relentless and the scenarios are so credible it is almost possible to see the events take place. Ham is such a likeable character that a reader might actually enjoy being pulled up by him so that they could pass the time of day. That Campbell has drawn from experience is obvious, but he has done so with such clarity and precision it never enters the realms of being a lecture on morality.

This is an excellent book that both informs and entertains, but never preaches and should be read by anybody with an interest in the pressures faced by the modern day copper.


Formerly a Chef, publican, shop manager, supermarket shelf-filler, library employee and deliverer of lambs, Chris High now dedicates most of his time to writing and journalism. He has successfully collaborated with singer Chris de Burgh on a collection of song based short stories available from his Website, and is currently in the process of completing his first Crime novel. Chris lives on Merseyside, England, with his cat Tigger and his dog, Duke.

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