by Wayne Sears

A murder has been unearthed and convicted killer Daniel Pell is a prime suspect of the crime. Pell, the convicted and unrepentant killer of the wealthy Croyton family eight years earlier, is serving a life sentence in the Capitola Superprison. The youngest daughter escaped the attack, as she was asleep in her bed hidden by her toys. She has been nicknamed the Sleeping Doll by the media.

The murderer is moved to the Monterey County Courthouse for interrogation. Special agent Kathryn Dance, a brilliant interrogator and kinesics expert with the California Bureau of Investigation feels this is the opportunity to get Pell to confess to the freshly discovered murder. She also wants a chance to study the mind of this psychopath and his ability to control others to do his bidding. Pell, the papers dubbed “Son of Manson”, due to his crime mirroring those committed by Charles Manson in the 1960's, was the leader of a cult of runaways and considers himself a master of control. He is able to force people into doing things they would never other wise do. Nothing made him happier than transforming someone into a creation of his own making.

Pell escapes, Dance and her team find them selves in a manhunt that has the Monterey Peninsula in fear. Far from fleeing, Pell a remorseless killer turns on his pursuers, striking back, leaving behind a trail of dead and injured. Dance must figure out why Pell is staying near the prison he escaped from. She tracks down the now teenage “Sleeping Doll” and three women members from his former cult in order to get at the truth that's behind Pell's motives. Can she get the truth and recapture Daniel before he escapes permanently?
Deaver is the much-acclaimed writer of the Lincoln Ryme novels. Kathryn Dance was introduced in The Cold Moon, when she briefly assisted Lincoln and Amelia on a case.

The Author is well known for the twists and turns that his novels take and this one is no exception. Lots of surprises to the last page.
I really liked this novel, especially it's ability to surprise you when you think you have things figured out. I'm a long time Deaver fan and am looking forward to his next offering.


Wayne Sears developed a love for reading in grade five and continues to have a ferocious appetite for literature. His favorite books are Mysteries, Suspense and Crime Novels.

Wayne was born in the prairie region of southern Alberta and in his early life enjoyed the outdoors with hunting and fishing. He still enjoys getting out in the countryside with his wife of twenty years, enjoying the scenery, but now shooting with a camera. Besides reading Wayne has taken up woodcarving and is enjoying take photographs of scenery and wildlife for subjects but his first love still is reading a good novel.

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