Review by Angie Johnson-Schmit

Readers who like a little international thriller mixed into their private eye stories will love Tim Maleeny’s debut effort, STEALING THE DRAGON. The trouble starts with the murdered crew of a container ship. The murders are clearly the work of a professional assassin, and P.I. Cape Weathers’ partner, Sally, is the prime suspect. As Cape navigates the intricacies of Chinatown crime organizations and local San Francisco politics, Sally revisits her experiences growing up in a Hong Kong martial arts school. The discovery of a stolen artifact brings the two narratives together just in time for a showdown at a fortune cookie factory.

STEALING THE DRAGON offers plenty of action and unexpected twists, but Maleeny’s strength lies in his characters and their intricate relationships. He manages to sidestep the usual clichés, creating characters that resist expectations. The most striking example of this is Cape’s partner. It’s not often a P.I.’s “muscle” is a Triad trained assassin who happens to be a petite woman named Sally.

Fast-paced and peopled with memorable, complex characters, STEALING THE DRAGON is an enjoyable read. With enough twists and turns to keep you guessing, it won’t be an easy book to put down.


Angie Johnson-Schmit currently lives in Arizona with her husband, two dogs and a turtle. A voice actress for Coyote Radio Theater, she spends too much time practicing silly voices.

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