Submission Guidelines

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What happens if you don’t follow the rules or guidelines? Find out here.

Spinetingler Magazine will only consider and respond to fiction submissions that follow our submission guidelines. Submissions that do not follow our submission guidelines will be deleted without being read or considered.


Fiction Submissions

We publish compelling stories that capture the reader with intriguing characters and quality writing. Spinetingler publishes stories that could, within the broadest definitions of genre possible, be categorized as crime, mystery, thriller, suspense or horror. Stories we typically consider are 1500-5000 words in length; longer stories may be submitted but make sure that isn’t an excuse for repetitive writing. Every word should be necessary. You may submit a shorter story, but there is no payment for stories under 1500 words.

As of the Fall 2008 Issue, contributors will paid $25 USD for published works via Paypal net 30 after publication. We regret that we cannot pay through means other than a Paypal account. Please do not ask for an exception; if Paypal is unsuitable, do not submit your story to us.

Submission Guidelines

Spinetingler Magazine requires submissions to follow the William Shunn guidelines. Please do not include colored text or deviate from the William Shunn format guidelines.


What To Include in a Submission

1. A story attached as an MS Word documents (.doc or .docx) or .rtf files.

2. Submissions must contain the completed release form in the body of the email. Submissions that do not include the release in the body of the email will be deleted unread. The release statement is at the bottom of this page. Copy and paste it into the body of the email when you send your submission. You must insert the correct information regarding your submission. Submissions without the release statement will not be considered for publication. All submissions received will be opened and if the release is not in the body of the email, the submission will be discarded.

3. Please include an author bio that is 100 words or less in the body of your email. You have the option of including an author photo. By submitting photographs to us you assert that you have the legal rights to do so and assume legal authority for publication of the image.

4. Please include your Paypal address in the body of your email. It is the author’s responsibility to provide a Paypal address. Payment will be made within 30 days of publication if a Paypal address is provided with the original submission. Writers must provide a Paypal address sent from the same email address the short story was submitted from within 270 days of publication; for Paypal addresses provided after publication payment will be made at our convenience.

5. You do not need to write a note in your email or tell us about your story.


Submission Rules

1. Submissions must be made via email and sent to: spinetinglermag at gmail dot com – submissions sent to different email addresses will not be considered for publication or responded to unless you have been specifically asked to submit directly to an editor, which may be the case for rare considerations of previously published material.

2. No simultaneous submissions.

3. Please use hard returns at the end of paragraphs only. If your paragraph is one line long or one single sentence, then yes, put a hard return at the end; do not put hard returns within paragraphs. It’s a computer, not a typewriter.

4. Writers should expect to receive editing notes on any stories accepted. Spinetingler reserves the right to reject a story if the author refuses to make corrections to typos or discuss editorial feedback. Correcting copy is the responsibility of the author, based on feedback from the editorial team. If you are unwilling to edit your work do not submit it to us.

5. If you realize after submitting that you have missed including something, resubmit the work in its entirety along with the bio, the release statement and personal information requested. Do not send all the information in separate emails. **I cannot stress how important this is. Your initial submission may have already been deleted. People who send submissions in pieces may multiply the workload for the editors significantly. It may be impossible to recover other parts of your submission. INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT CONSIDERATION.

6. Do not resubmit a story that has been rejected unless you have been invited to do so once it has been revised. If you have not been explicitly told to resubmit a story that’s been rejected then we will not consider it again. (Doing this will cause us to block your email address. There’s a writer everyone can thank for us implementing this policy. Arguing over editorial feedback, lying about the status of the submission and resubmitting it over and over and over again without following the submission guidelines tells us that this is a writer we can’t work with. They aren’t ready to be professionally edited or put in the work to improve their writing. They are willing to waste our time and that’s something that we don’t appreciate.)

And…. We prefer that at the end of each paragraph you use a double return to insert a line between paragraphs. We prefer that for section breaks you use *** centered on its own line – not sharps or other symbols unless you’re using a date to indicate time shifts for a story with intersecting timelines. As long as William Shunn formatting guidelines are followed the story will be reviewed. The extra space is for convenience for online publishing. As stated, it is a preference, not a requirement.

What Happens If You Don’t Follow the Guidelines or Rules?


I, Insert AUTHOR NAME here, certify that I am the writer/artist of the work being submitted to Spinetingler Magazine. This story, insert STORY NAME here, has not been published previously online or in print and has never been printed in whole or in part on a blog, website or forum or any other medium. I also agree that Spinetingler Magazine may archive work after initial publication. I further agree that Spinetingler may consider my work for print/electronic publication in a best of” anthology at some point. I retain copyright and all rights to my work except First WORLDWIDE Rights. My work may not appear in another publication for 15 months following its release in Spinetingler Magazine without written consent from the editor in order for it to be considered for the anthology. If my work should appear in another publication after that time has elapsed, it will be noted that it first appeared in Spinetingler Magazine, at

I understand that if my work does appear elsewhere before the time has elapsed without written consent, my work may be removed from the anthology with no royalties being paid for any copies sold that contained my work.

**Insert information as directed in place of underlined sections.

Spinetingler Magazine will not publish stories that may be seen as promoting discrimination against other persons based on gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or race. Violence and profanity are not prohibited but should be used with discretion.