Fiction Submissions

We publish compelling stories that capture the reader with intriguing characters and quality writing.

Spinetingler publishes stories that could be categorized as mystery, thriller, suspense, supernatural, ghost story, love, fantasy or science fiction. Stories should be 1500-6000 words in length. You may submit a shorter story, but there is no payment for stories under 1500 words.

Contributors will paid $10 USD for published works via Paypal.

Please follow the submission guidelines. Submissions that do not contain all requested material or follow the guidelines may be automatically rejected.

General Submission Guidelines

Spinetingler Magazine will not publish stories that may be seen as promoting discrimination against other persons based on gender, age, sexual orientation, religion or race. Violence and profanity are not prohibited but should be used with discretion.

1. Submissions must be made via email.

2. Submissions must be sent to

3. Stories must be attached as MS Word documents or RTF attachments, written in Arial 12 pt text, double-spaced. Do not use hard returns at the end of sentences or lines - hard returns at the end of paragraphs only. Use a standard tab at the beginning of new paragraphs. For section breaks use *** centered on its own line - not sharps or other symbols.

4. Submissions must be accompanied by a bio of the writer that will appear in the magazine if their story is published. The bio should not exceed 100 words in length.

5. Include the release statement with the appropriate information inserted. The release statement is at the bottom of this page. You can either copy and paste it into the body of an email, or retype it. Submissions without the release statement will not be considered for publication.

6. Stories must not have been previously published in print or in an e-zine unless we've agreed to consider a reprint.

7. No queries. If your story falls within out content guidelines, send it to us. We will not respond to queries.

8. If you realize after submitting that you have missed including something, resubmit the work in its entirety along with the bio, the release statement and personal information requested.

9. Use a working email address. If replies to your submission cannot be delivered after three attempts, your submission will be removed from consideration and no further attempt to contact you will be made.

10. Writers should expect to receive editing notes on any stories accepted. Spinetingler reserves the right to reject a story if the author refuses to make corrections to typos or discuss editorial feedback. Correcting copy is the responsibility of the author, based on feedback from the editorial team.

11. If we learn that a story submitted to us has been submitted elsewhere and we have not been notified by the writer, the story will be removed from consideration. There are no exceptions to this. Unless a story is officially withdrawn we work on the understanding we have sole option on it.

12. We primarily publish stories between 1500 and 5000 words. Our upper limit is 6000 words. However, this must be an extremely compelling story. Less is often more in storytelling. Works over 6000 words in length may be rejected without review at our discretion.

And remember that every writer receives the occasional rejection letter. Don't give up! Read, write, learn and keep submitting.

I, Insert AUTHOR NAME here, certify that I am the writer/artist of the work being submitted to Spinetingler Magazine. This story, insert STORY NAME here, has not been published previously online or in print and has never been printed in whole or in part on a blog, website or forum or any other medium. I also agree that Spinetingler Magazine may archive work after initial publication. I further agree that Spinetingler may consider my work for print/electronic publication in a best of" anthology at some point. I retain copyright and all rights to my work except First WORLDWIDE Rights. My work may not appear in another publication for 15 months following its release in Spinetingler Magazine without written consent from the editor in order for it to be considered for the anthology. If my work should appear in another publication after that time has elapsed, it will be noted that it first appeared in Spinetingler Magazine, at

I understand that if my work does appear elsewhere before the time has elapsed without written consent, my work may be removed from the anthology with no royalties being paid for any copies sold that contained my work.

**Insert information as directed in place of underlined sections.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Multiple Submissions

Spinetingler Magazine will accept two submissions from an author during a submission period. However, it is unlikely we will publish more than one story from an author in an issue.

2. Simultaneous Submissions

No simultaneous submissions can be considered at this time. We are attempting to review material faster in consideration to the writers submitting work.

3. Reprints

We do not reprint work that has appeared elsewhere for payment. Typically, we do not reprint stories that have been published elsewhere. In the event of submitting a reprint, do query us via

Submitting Review Copies

In order to have a book considered for review send an email to with the following information:

1. Book title, genre, author name
2. A brief description of the book plot (back jacket text).
3. Publication date and name of publisher.

If we have a reviewer available and interested you will be contacted about where to send the review copy.

Please note that books received may be reviewed for Mystery Bookspot, Spinetingler or both sites. Selected ARCS may also be reviewed by Sandra Ruttan for Crimespree Magazine. However, we cannot guarantee all books received will be reviewed. Due to the volume of books offered for review we cannot promise to engage in correspondence about the status of a book and whether or not a review is forthcoming. The new homepage for Mystery Bookspot ( is under construction but once complete will host Spinetingler Magazine. Authors are encouraged to check the site for updates and new issues.

Moving Spinetingler Magazine to Mystery Bookspot will allow for some discussion of reviews. As always, we will print a correction if a factual error has been made. That means if a reviewer says your book is about a giant marshmallow man who is trying to take over the world when it's actually about someone who goes back in time to stop Noah from building the Ark, thus intending to destroy mankind, we'll print a correction.

If the reviewer feels the plot drags or is predictable, authors will be able to express their thoughts in the discussion forum. A reviewer's opinion is just that, their opinion, and we would discourage authors from engaging in an aggressive exchange aimed at forcing the reviewer to change their views. If you only wish to receive positive reviews, please make sure you send your books to reviewers who love the type of book you write.

(In other words, sending Sandra Ruttan a book that name-drops fashion references more often than Britney has meltdowns will probably not elicit an enthusiastic response. Now, send her a book about a jaded cop who has a relationship with the serial killer he's pursuing without realizing it's the murderer, and that's a whole different ballpark.)