Letter from the Publisher

I never wanted to be an industry insider. Oh sure, I have gone to my share of book launches and readings, met a number of best-selling authors and have spoke to numerous industry people. But I never wanted to be one of those guys who wanted to talk and be seen with the right people.

I was recently told I’m doing it wrong. Each issue of Spinetingler goes out with little fanfare. I was told to promote it in the right places. For a magazine to succeed, the ‘right’ people need to be talking it up.

But yet we have built an impressive readership for the magazine without this benefit.

I track incoming stats to see where people are coming from and though the magazine has been mentioned by very important websites and blogs, these hits represent only a small faction of where the hits are coming from.

In fact, the majority of visitors come directly to the site without following any links.

It makes me wonder about just how influential the ‘right’ people are. I know a number of people who I think are highly influential but this influence most often doesn’t extend beyond a few hundred people.

The average reader doesn’t seek out the ‘right’ people before making a decision. Why? Because they have their own right people: their friends and family.

Maybe these are the right people to be concerned about. Give the readers what they want and leave the politics to the politicians.

K. Robert Einarson

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