Review by Andrea Maloney

Tulsa Police Detective, Kenny Elliot is called to the scene of a bizarre murder that is hauntingly familiar. Viewing the site brings up terrifying memories of the unsolved murders of his friends Jonathan and Marcia who were killed while they were all still in high school.

A shiny necklace dangles from the mirror of the car where Lagayle Zimmerman, the new victim is discovered. Back in the past another necklace dangled from the mirror of the car where Jonathan and Marcia were discovered. Even though most of his hometown believed Kenny was the killer, no charges were ever brought against him and he quietly left town hoping to never return.

With suspicion pointed his way once again and haunted by day with memories of the past and at night by troubling dreams Kenny risks everything including his job, his love, his life and his sanity to find the truth that is buried somewhere in his past.

Bob Avey has written a terrific mystery filled with engaging characters and a taught storyline that will have you wondering who done it until the very end. Twisted Perception is a story about a brutal crime but also about how no matter how hard you try you can’t outrun your past. Sometimes you just have to confront it head on in order to get to the truth no matter how bleak the truth might be. This is Bob Avey’s debut mystery novel. Hopefully we will be reading more from him soon.


Andrea Maloney is a stay at home mom and jewelry designer who loves to read. Her favorite books are mysteries, suspense and thrillers. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two daughters and one large cat.

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