Review by K. Robert Einarson

Hannah Griffin has a dark secret. She is the daughter of one of the most notorious female serial killer in American history, Claire Logan. Claire Logan is also famous for pulling off the perfect disappearing act. She has spent years trying to build a new life with her husband and daughter until one day she gets a box with the shoes of her dead brothers and a phone message with the words: “Your mother called”. Her world starts to fall apart as news of the only one convicted for the crimes wants to speak with her and she is reunited with Special Agent Bauer, the agent who worked the case all those years ago. Together they try to find out if Claire is still alive and if so, bring her to justice.

A WICKED SNOW is Greg Olsen’s first suspense fiction novel but he is by no means a new author. He is a New Times Bestselling Author and has written numerous critically acclaimed True Crime books. But can a true crime author write a compelling thrilling novel with well-drawn characters, realistic details and page-turning suspense without making it feel like it’s just a fictionalized true crime account?

In Greg Olsen’s case, I say most definitely yes. His style blends solid story telling with true crime attention to details. I felt tempted to see if Claire Logan and her crimes were real because the story felt so real. Hannah Griffin and Agent Jeff Bauer are very believable and as the story progresses, each develops in realistic ways to the stresses of the case.

The only issue I had was the flashback sequence that revealed the original crime and the players was a little long so when the reader returns to present day, I had almost forgotten where they were and what they were doing there.

But this novel is a very solid work; even more impressive is that it is a debut. He has made the transition from true crime to fiction effortlessly. This is a credit to his skill as an author and I look forward to his next book.


Kevin Einarson is the publisher of Spinetingler Magazine. His short fiction has appeared in Mouth Full of Bullets, Flashing in the Gutters and Spinetingler.

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